Everybody needs somebodY

Choices for Youth is the somebody for over 1000 young people in St. John’s. Help those who need someone to lean on by joining our family today. 

“I don’t see my family very often, but it doesn’t matter. The people I’m around at Choices are my family now. They each play a role to help me be the best person I can be, from moms to dads to big brothers, they’re the ones I consider family.”

Everybody needs somebody, whether it’s a mom, a dad, or someone to ask how you are as you walk through the Choices for Youth doors.

A monthly donation of $25 to Choices for Youth helps to feed 70 young people each week at our community suppers; it gives a young man a bed to sleep in at our Shelter for Young Men; it supports a young mom in Momma Moments, a peer support group; it gives a young person a chance to take a step forward knowing that somebody believes in them.

Help the young people in our community realize their potential. Be the somebody for a young person at Choices for Youth today and join our family.