Wouldn't it be nice to take some time out of the city to regroup and focus on being the best you you can be? 

This week that's exactly what the young women involved in our Momma Moments Program did. With kiddos, work, school, and the million things in between they took a couple of days off to visit The Wilds to focus on healthy living. 

Momma Moments is a peer-to-peer support group that operates in St. John's and CBS for young, single mothers. 39 moms and 52 kids participate in the program, which meets once a week for programming that emphasizes overall wellness for moms and kids. 

At The Wilds, the moms were joined by Jennifer Noseworthy for food safety training, Corina Walsh for a healthy living session, and Tina Olivero for a visioning session. 

Jennifer has been a chef and restauranteur for fifteen years. She's the mom of 2 with a passion for volunteering and helping others. Corina is the founder, owner, and Principle Consultant for See Change Consulting where she develops customized training programs and coaching session for individuals, community groups, and business on topics such as leadership, healthy lifestyles, and career development. Tina Olivero founded Oil and Gas Magazine to educate, inspire, motivate, and entertain oil and gas readers around the world, and offers entrepreneurial leadership and transformational training. 

It's many thanks to these women, as well as The Wilds, Legal Aid, At Your Service Food Industry Training, Costco, Pirate Cabs, the United Way, and the Momma Moments volunteers for making the retreat possible. It was invaluable time for the Momma Moments participants to take a deep breath, and invest in their future and their family.