The Momma Moments program aims to empower young pregnant and parenting women to effectively care for their children, and improve their healthy living skills. These pregnant and parenting women, who include teenagers and women in their early twenties, often experience great challenges in caring for their children. Such hurdles include living in poverty and feeling disconnected from other young moms who they can talk to, and with whom they can share parenting experiences. They also must contend with raising their children alone without a partner, and with very limited social and family support.

The Program currently runs in St. John’s and Conception Bay South, where groups meet once a week for programming that emphasizes overall wellness – mental, physical, spiritual, and social – for mother and child. Young mothers have access to healthy recreational activities, as well as resources and discussion on topics of family building, income supports, mental health, nutrition, and more. In addition, staff act as advocates for their well-being and that of their children, and consistently provide new connections that build independence. 


This position reports to the Momma Moments Program Facilitator, and is provided additional support from the Volunteer Coordinator.  This Volunteer Opportunity will involve direct work with staff, youth and their children.

Nature and Scope

The Momma Moments Volunteer would assist in the Momma Moments program with:

  1. Child Minding
  2. Program Resource Enhancement


As a Momma Moments volunteer you will provide structured play and child care to the children who attend the Momma Moments groups on a weekly basis. The children in the group range from infant to 9 years of age.  We will try to match volunteers with children from the same age group to ensure consistency in the care of the children throughout the time in the group. We are also looking for volunteers with experience working with kids who have Autism or special need supports…

All volunteers will be under the guidance of the Program facilitator and all moms will have ongoing input and involvement in the group decision making.


Please keep in mind in making a commitment to the Momma Moments groups to stay consistent with your volunteer agreement. You are a very important part of our group too.

Time Commitment

Volunteers are expected to make a commitment of a minimum 2.5 hours per week over the duration of 6 months by committing to shifts on: 

  • Tuesdays 3:45-5:30pm or
  • Thursday 4:30- 6:45pm

Every 8 weeks we will have a week for development and planning.

If you are unable to fulfill your task as a volunteer, please contact Jeannie Piercey at 754-3047 no later than 2pm on the day prior to group, so the group/volunteers can make arrangements to support the group.


  • The ideal candidate will:
  • Hold a Certificate of Conduct, Vulnerable Sector Check and resume
  • Be kind and open minded to different children’s needs
  • Be Non-judgmental to a  family’s situations/ needs
  • Be Dependable  and flexible
  • Have childcare experience with children ranging between infant- 10 years of age
  • Enjoy working with young children
  • Be able to be creative in organizing, carrying through   play activities appropriate for young children
  • Be able to work with independence and confidence
  • Be able to maintain composure through  stressful situations
  • Work with confidentiality in mind

Download the Volunteer Application Form and Information Package and submit completed form, cover letter and resume to:

Jeannie Piercey, Momma Moments Program Facilitator

Fax: (709) 754-6102