Strategic Plan 2016/17 - 2019/2020

Building a Strong Foundation. Delivering Transformative Impact.


A Message From the Board of Directors and our Executive Director

On behalf of the board of directors, we are pleased to provide this bold new vision for the future of Choices for Youth and the youth of our province.

As in everything we do, this plan represents the wisdom of our many partners, staff, and most importantly youth. Their voices, above all others, have to shine through for us to succeed.
We are also pleased to note that in co-creating this vision with our many partners, our process
has built consensus on the future we all want to see for youth, our organization, and our communities. If we share the vision, we share the work, and we share the success for youth.

This strategic plan also lays out our focus on delivering on this vision in a sustainable way. Through our many years of growth and development as an organization, we firmly understand that the responsible and effective investment in our people and future is our strongest asset in ensuring we are delivering the most impactful supports to youth. Understanding this stewardship is a defining characteristic of our organization.

We look forward with excitement and passion to maximizing all of the opportunities this plan articulates. We welcome all of our partners to join us in sharing this work. 

Jonathan Duke, Board Chair






Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director