Choices for Youth Inc. is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to conduct the following:

Organizational Structure Review


The objective of this review is to:

  1. Assess the current structure, composition and workload of leadership roles at Choices for Youth Inc. (“Choices”)
  2. Provide recommendations to better align structure and composition of leadership roles at Choices with its vision, desired impact and strategic plan. 

“Leadership roles” refers primarily to directors and coordinators. In some cases, program facilitators and team leads may be reviewed.


The review is to be performed in conformance with the following directives:

  1. Review current structures and staffing levels for leadership roles. This includes directors, coordinators and in some cases, team leads and program facilitators.
  2. Determine what is working well with the current organizational structure and staffing levels and identify areas that may need improvement or any gaps in capacity.
  3. Compare and contrast the organization’s structure, services, and staffing levels with other similar sized organizations in the province.
  4. Review current and future workloads of staff in leadership roles. Establish recommendations to ensure that leadership roles and the organizational structure can effectively and efficiently meet the ambition of the organization and the related demands and expectations of clients, funders, stakeholders and Board of Directors.
  5. Provide multiple (at least three) potential configurations for leadership  roles and the organizational structure with distinct rationales related to cost, impact and effectiveness, and meeting our strategic commitments as outlines in the strategic plan document. 
  6. Identify performance measures that may result in assessing the effectiveness of those recommendations that are implemented.


Vision: Choices for Youth (CFY) is a dynamic, progressive, youth-focused organization that strives to improve quality of service, so as to enhance young people’s lives and enable them to meet their goals.

Mission: A community-based, not-for-profit organization which provides youth with a range of supportive housing options, access to a variety of services that promote healthy personal development, and a sense of belonging within an environment of respect, tolerance, peace and equality.


  • Act with empathy and kindness
  • Choose to see the potential
  • Cultivate safe, inclusive spaces, and promote diversity
  • Work hard, with boundless ambition and strategic excellence
  • Inspire hope, and create opportunities that empower

Cultural Commitments:

  • Start with why
    • Putting young people first
    • Being champions for social justice
    • Connecting to our individual sense of purpose
  • Care for one another
    • Feeling like family
    • Building relationships based on trust and respect
    • Understanding one another through conversations
  • Be agile
    • Responding to changing needs
    • Striving to learn continuously
    • Fostering innovation


  • Outreach and Youth Engagement
    • Supporting Youth with Transitions
    • New Leaf Kitchen (Drop-In Program & Community Supper)
    • Jumpstart Pre-Employment
    • Momma Moments
  • Rally Haven Supportive Housing
  • Shelter for Young Men
  • The Lilly 
  • Youth Leadership Council
  • Impact Construction
  • Emerging social enterprise portfolio
  • Fund Development & Communications
  • Finance & Administration

Download the Organizational Strategic Plan 2016/17 - 2019/20

Current Leadership Structure: 

Choices applies a distributed leadership model to achieve its desired impact and to best serve the youth we work with. Program coordinators, the management team, and the organization’s Board of Directors collectively make up this leadership at the organization. 

Program coordinators lead specific programs within the organization, while the management team at Choices oversees high-level operations and steers the organization in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Currently, the management team consists of the Executive Director and four supporting directors:

Director of Finance and Administration (with Primary Responsibility for Social Enterprise)

Oversees all aspects of finance and general administration, and provides thought and operational leadership on the business development of strategic social enterprise opportunities. 

Note: This role is currently being split into two director roles – one for Finance & Administration, and a new role for Social Enterprise. 

Director of Programs (with Primary Responsibility for Human Resources)

Oversees a specific set of programs, directly supports coordinators, and provides thought and operational leadership on human resource policies and initiatives. 

Director of Programs (with Primary Responsibility for Research Initiatives and Evaluation)

Oversees a specific set of programs, directly supports coordinators, and provides thought and operational leadership on the development and implementation of an organizational wide research agenda and evaluation system.

Director of Strategic Development (with Primary Responsibility for Strategic Alignment)

Oversees all aspects of fund development and communications, and provides thought and operational leadership on the organization’s strategic direction and high-level initiatives. 

As evident in the parenthesis by job titles, the management team works from a team-based perspective while also taking operational leads in specific areas.

Funding Sources:

For the 2016-17 fiscal year, Choices has a funding mix comprised of Government Funding (59%), Social Enterprise (23%), Project Funding/Rent (11%), and Fundraising (7%).

Staffing Levels:

Currently, there are 55 full-time, 23 part-time (relief) and 14 youth employed at Choices.


The proposal shall explicitly include, at a minimum, the following elements:

  • Cover Letter and Executive Summary of the Process that the Firm Will Take to Fulfill the Goals and Objectives of the Project: A cover letter by an individual who is authorized to bind the responding firm contractually shall be attached to the proposal. Within that cover letter, the respondent shall give a summary of those elements and approaches that the firm proposes to fulfill the goals and objectives of the contract.
  • Statement of Qualifications and Level of Experience: The Firm/Individual shall present a statement of qualifications as to their prior history with similar projects to include three references. A brief summary of those similar projects is encouraged. The statement of qualification should include the organizational structure under which the firm will perform the work, a list of team members that will participate in the project and a resume of those that will be involved in the project.
  • Detailed Description of the Firm’s Overall Approach to the Project and the intended Process that will Result in the Desired Deliverables to Choices: The Firm/Individual shall provide a detailed description of the approach and methods that will result in the desired results of the project being delivered to Choices.
  • Assistance from Choices Staff and Board: Within the proposal, the Firm/Individual shall attempt to detail the amount and level of assistance that will be needed from the staff and Board of Directors.
  • Detailed Timeline: The Firm/Individual shall include a detailed timeline of events that correspond with approach that they will be taking to complete the project, with an end date of September 1st, 2016.
  • Deliverables: The Firm/Individual shall detail the deliverables that will be expected following the completion of the project.
  • Disclosure of any Conflicts of Interest: The Firm/Individual shall disclose any potential conflicts of interest as defined by the organization’s governance policies.
  • Preliminary Cost Proposal: Including in the submission will be a per hour cost and an estimated number of hours to complete the review.


At a minimum, the information as requested in this RFP shall be submitted and can include additional information if it will further qualify the approach and qualifications of the firm making the proposal. The proposal shall not exceed 10 single-sided pages. One digital copy (.pdf) of the proposal is sufficient for submission.


Interested firms and individuals should submit proposals no later than 4:00 PM on July 31, 2016.

Bids shall be e-mailed to:

Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director
261 Duckworth Street
St. John’s, NL
709 754 0446

Bids received after the required deadline will not be accepted. Choices reserves the right to interview any or all of the applicants to help aid in determining the most qualified Firm/Individual.


All contact, questions, and correspondence regarding the project and proposal shall be directed to the following:

Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director
261 Duckworth Street
St. John’s, NL
709 754 0446