We're so excited to share some highlights from the last year! Our new Annual Report is all about impact, progress and partnerships. Dive in for inspirational stories, to learn about our work, and to discover the rich community that makes all of this possible.

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Choices for Youth (CFY) is an organization which operates with a single principle: To act in the best interest of youth as we design and implement innovative programming to meet their needs. Prioritizing this goal throughout our latest Strategic Plan (launched in June 2016) was key, and ensuring we meet that goal through the efficient use of valuable resources for the biggest impact is our responsibility. As a result, CFY now focuses all operations on five core life areas: housing; education; employment; mental and physical health; and family stability.
This year we began implementing our strategic plan, which started with a full organizational review which allowed an outside consultant to delve into the overall working mechanisms at CFY. Through this process we were able to pinpoint ways to work more efficiently and manage our continued growth, while ensuring we deliver on our organizational principle on a daily basis. We believe this restructuring has created a more sustainable organization overall, one that is better positioned to handle the growth that is already underway.
As innovation is a part of our organizational DNA, it is no surprise that social enterprise has become a big part of who we are. This work is infused with a Housing First approached, framed around an employment model, to ensure the employment created works for all youth – especially those who need it the most. We have also begun preparing for a greatly enhanced capacity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families. In all of this, we continue to demonstrate our organizational capacity to find new ways to support at-risk and homeless youth who come to us from every corner of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Looking across CFY we see young people finding safe housing, gaining meaningful employment, and building healthier lives. For some youth this means daily incremental change, which makes the organization’s commitment to harm reduction and recovery such important tools. As an emblem of what is possible, the Youth Leadership Council was featured in two national toolkits for empowering youth through their council model, and they continue to break down barriers for young people in our province.
There are countless moments of pride and positivity that have resonated throughout our organization over the past 12 months. As Executive Director and Chair of the Board, we encourage you to read through this Annual Report to learn more about the great work that occurred within the walls of CFY this year, and we look forward to another year of creating change and starting dialogue across our province and nation.