2015-16 in numbers
  • 90% occupancy rate
  • 158 shelter stays (100 unique individuals)
  • 18.84 average length of stay
  • 63% of admissions had at least one prior stay
  • 42% of admissions had at least two prior stays

In times of crisis – with limited support and few options – young people need a place to go where they can find a place to stay, a hot meal, and someone to talk to.

The Choices Shelter  is an emergency shelter, welcoming homeless youth between the ages of 16 and 29 who identify as male. Youth are able to stay at the shelter for up to a month, while working on their own housing plan and connecting to financial and other support services.

There is a significant lack of safe and affordable housing in our community, contributing to the reality of many young people continuing to have difficulty maintaining housing. This is evidenced by an annual readmission rate of over 60%, and shows us the importance of additional supports. Youth who stay at The Shelter are introduced to and make links to other Choices programming and community resources, which begin providing the other pieces necessary to help them transition to and maintain housing.

As an accessible, safe, and immediate option to begin work towards greater stability, The Shelter continues to be an essential service in our community, providing a safety net for young people who find themselves in extremely difficult and stressful circumstances. 

Main Shelter Line: 709-757-3050