The Intake Committee will determine whether a referral to the Moving Forward program will be accepted based on all of the eligibility criteria below (please note participation is voluntary and youth must be advised of referral). 

1. The referral source identifies the applicant as:

A young person between the ages of 16-24 years who has been identified as having complex mental health needs and more than one significant barrier ( e.g. substance abuse, serious/suspected mental illness, skill deficits) whose available options have been exhausted or can not be accessed.

2. The young person being referred should be in need of individualized support due to high risk behaviors that require ongoing services and for which support systems have been unsuccessful. The youth is at risk due to:

  • Behaviour resulting from mental illness which affects quality of life (including inconsistently treated or misdiagnosed mental health concerns)
  • Unstable living situation
  • Drug/Alcohol use

3. The young person being referred must also be eligible under a Youth Service Agreement and be willing to work toward living independently in the community.


Step 1: Start the pre-referral process by completing the form below.
Step 2: You will receive a call back to let you know when there is an opening.
Step 3: When requested, complete a long form referral.
Step 4: Meet with the coordinator and team lead at Moving Forward.

Referrer Information
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Youth Information
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Is the young person eligible under a Youth Service Agreement until age: *
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Moving Forward offers young people support anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, daily. Is the young person capable of independent living under these support provisions? *
It is ok for information to be exchanged between the referring worker/agency and Choices for Youth for this application to Moving Forward. I understand the information will be exchanged in a confidential manner. *