2015-16 in numbers
  • 13 youth participants
  • 1837 youth visits
  • 220 professional appointments attended by youth
  • 75% of participants found stable housing
  • 80% of participants attended all medical, psychiatry, legal, school, dental, optical and counseling appointments

Young people across our province face numerous challenges, including mental health, addictions, and developmental issues; a lack of appropriate social and/or family support; and involvement in the criminal justice system. As a result of still lacking necessary social programming, and with wait times and eligibility criteria creating barriers to access what is available, too many young people are left unable to reach their potential for lack of support to address personal challenges.

The Moving Forward Program was created as a recognition of this, shown to us by the shared experiences of the youth we serve, as well as research programs and dialogue with mental health associations across Canada. The program is built on a commitment to individualized assessment and customized support for every participant. We believe that with the appropriate mix of intensive supports, youth struggling with complex mental health issues can successfully live on their own in the community.

The team behind Moving Forward builds trusting relationships with program participants, helping youth develop a sense of empowerment, learn new skills, increase treatment and medication compliance, find and maintain appropriate housing, and increase community involvement.

A collaborative initiative with Eastern Health and Stella’s Circle, the program supports young people who exhibit high-risk behaviors, have complex mental health needs, and who have exhausted all other services within the system. With the one-on-one and supportive groups offered, we are able to intervene with mental health crisis response and prevention, prevent youth from entering the justice system, and relieve demands put on emergency room interventions.