Sheldon Pollett

Executive Director

Wendy Daniels

Director of Finance and Administration

Chelsey MacNeil

Director of Social Enterprise

Ayon Shahed

Director of Strategic Development

Jill Doyle

Manager - Family Programming & Supportive Services

Paula Soper

Manager - Supportive Housing & Employment Programs

Ally Jamieson 

Manager - Research & Evaluation

Angela Picco

Coordinator - Fund Development & Communications

Josh Smee

Coordinator - Provincial Expansion

Susan Crawford
Program Coordinator – Moving Forward

Heather Roberts
Program Coordinator – The Lilly

Erica Norman
Program Coordinator – Outreach and Youth Engagement

Andrew Harvey
Program Coordinator – The Shelter for Young Men

Jeannie Piercey

Program Coordinator – Momma Moments

Sonya Clarke Casey

Program Coordinator – Family Reconnect

Julia von Rhedey

Program Coordinator – Centralized Employment Support