2015-16 in numbers
  • 882 unique individuals
  • 401 requests for mental health support
  • 307 requests for education support
  • 225 requests for employment support
  • 446 requests for housing support
  • 7700+ meals servded

The initial connection with young people seeking Choices support is one of the most crucial moments in our relationship with an individual. The people who come to our door present with a variety of immediate needs that must be addressed, while we work to build a foundational relationship that allow us to work together in identifying realistic opportunities for them to identify and work toward their own goals. 

The Outreach and Youth Engagement Program is our first point of contact with the most vulnerable young people in our community. Every day, we meet individuals seeking anything from personal care items to access to a phone, medical care, or legal assistance, and we operate to serve whoever is in front of us at any given moment. In this, Outreach is consistently working longer term, helping youth work toward safe and supportive housing, improved wellness, and increased support systems.

From the first time we meet, we treat each individual according to their unique purpose in accessing our services. From there, we work to build trusting relationships and support plans based in flexibility, while emphasizing their own needs and goals. Youth are introduced to programs within the Outreach Program (JumpstartMomma Moments, and Youth in Transitions), to our housing options, employment training, and to community resources. From this central hub, we are able to connect youth to the programs that are right for them.

In many ways, it is about providing for immediate needs and building a sense of safety and security. Through housing, employment, education, life skills, healthy lifestyles, or just access to tangible items, Outreach and Youth Engagement Programming provides at-risk youth with the appropriate support to move forward.