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Annual Report 2017/2018

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

We're so excited to share some highlights from the last year! Our new Annual Report is all about impact, progress and partnerships. Dive in for inspirational stories, to learn about our work, and to discover the rich community that makes all of this possible.

Browse the report below, or click to download.



To our valued supporters,

It is with great pride that we release Choices for Youth's 2017-18 Annual Report to acknowledge and celebrate the tremendous resilience and accomplishments of youth over the past twelve months. Along with our focus on youth, this report is yet another testament to what is possible when you have staff, board and partners who commit to changing lives on a daily basis.

As has been the story since 2008, the number of youth coming through our doors continues to rise at an alarming rate. A substantial part of that growth is attributable to new resources being made available in areas such as Family Reconnect programming, additional social enterprise opportunities, and increased capacity in our Momma Moments and employment supports programming. 

Although we remain an organization steeped in a culture of solution focused innovation, the truth remains that 1519 youth in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador needing the services of Choices is 1519 too many. For this reason, Choices continues to be an active partner and founding board member of A Way Home Canada, a national coalition leading a substantial effort to prevent and end youth homelessness in Canada.

In addition to our day to day support to youth, our team has been working diligently both on a provincial and national level to research, evaluate, and analyze the work we are doing. These efforts will also help us partner with communities across our province to meet the needs of youth by expanding our services to at least six communities in the next two years.

Our belief in young people and their potential is the foundation for the work we do each day at CFY. You will see this translated through the many statistics, stories, and updates found throughout this report. We will continue to build on this progress as we move into the next phase of our expansion process, and hope you will follow along online, through our newsletter, or on social media as we work to end youth homelessness in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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