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Martek Contributes $100K to the Development of CFY’s New Social Enterprise Hub

Charlie Oliver and Paula Pike of Martek have supported Choices for Youth (CFY) for over 20 years. Their contributions extend beyond financial and in-kind contributions – offering valuable strategic advice to CFY regarding matters of property and purchasing. Their support has opened many doors and unlocked new funding opportunities for CFY by brokering relationships with other philanthropic partners.

Martek has a history of helping young entrepreneurs and continues to do so, partly through its support for CFY’s Education, Employment, and Social Enterprise (EESE) programs. Not only was Charlie the visionary for our current capital project but he was also the original purchaser of the social enterprise hub building in 2021 and held it while CFY continued to bring other partners into the project.

Most recently, Martek, through Charlie and Paula, contributed $100,000 to help fund our new social enterprise hub on LeMarchant Road. This hub will serve as the new home for CFY’s rapidly growing EESE team while also serving as an incubator for new social enterprises, creating more opportunities for young people to gain valuable skills and transition to employment.

Martek’s investment in our new social enterprise hub is greatly appreciated and is just one of the many contributions CFY has seen from Charlie, Paula and their team over these last two decades. Martek has been a generous sponsor of our Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser for several years, allowing us to host the event from Atlantic Place free of charge. Charlie and Paula were regular attendees of and active donors at CFY’s Annual Gala – where the event proceeds helped fund the development of our Young Parents’ Resources Centre (YPRC) in Pleasantville. The YPRC Phase One was officially completed earlier this year, offering 14 units of affordable housing to young mothers and their children.

Martek has been a consistent source of valuable advice and mentorship to CFY. CFY operates from a housing-first mandate and Martek’s decades of business experience has been shared freely with the CFY leadership team. This enhances our ability to operate and maintain supportive housing and social enterprise opportunities for young people.

CFY is grateful for Martek’s continued support of our events and initiatives. Charlie and Paula’s dedication to improving the lives of marginalized youth serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the positive impact that individuals and businesses can have on their community.

CFY has had several media hits on the development of our new social enterprise hub – learn more by visiting


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