2014-15 in numbers
  • 20 young people in the program
  • 92 young people in total since program inception
  • 76% completed formalized support plans

Healthy transitions to adulthood are difficult for every individual. Supporting Youth with Transitions is a provincial pilot program offered through the Department of Child, Youth, and Family Services. For the metro region, this program is offered through a partnership with Choices for Youth.

Youth in Transitions is a life-skills based program which provides up to 60 individuals with individualized support staff connected to the Outreach and Youth Engagement Team. Youth in the program work to develop skills like budgeting, meal planning, laundry, and transportation -- and with the host of programs available at Choices for Youth, we are positioned to provide additional support to youth in the program as required. 

This pilot program is an exploration of how these partnerships can serve young people in our communities, particularly as each is at a very different place in their lives. While some participants are maintaining school programs, others are parenting children, or connecting to health care professionals independently for the first time. Together, they are working to build skills that ensure a healthy transition to adulthood is possible. 

Program participants come to Choices for Youth through the referral of the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services. A program facilitator reviews these referrals, completes an assessment, and upon acceptance, orients new participants to the program and our system of supports. 

The unique partnership of Youth in Transitions supports youth in our communities through an extraordinarily difficult transition. At the same time, it has allowed us to work closely with the Department, and advocate for the needs of shared clients in the multiple systems they interact with. Filling gaps in knowledge, community, and support systems all at once, the Youth in Transitions Program is an important complement to the host of independence-focused programming we offer at Choices for Youth.