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With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there is a rising demand and a shortage of some forms of PPE. One way that CFY is attempting to alleviate this problem is to introduce a “PPE Program” and better tracking and distribution system to manage our PPE inventory. It is important to recognize that our regular operations require PPE, however over the last year are need has risen.


The more organized our PPE inventory is, the better our staff can work as they can use PPEs without having to guess where they are kept, what our levels are, or where additional supplies might be coming from. 

Coupled with it’s role in broader organizational health and safety, the Human Resources team will ensure this PPE Program will:

Help determine hazards and corresponding PPE

For our staff this could mean many things, and we would want to ensure that not only the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is taken in to consideration but other risk factors as well.


Enable more effective sourcing

We want to ensure that we receive PPE from reputable sources but also in the most cost effective manner. Whether it is coordinating with community partners or engaging with vendors, centralizing these efforts are critical.


Support Education and Training

All staff will require resources, education, and training in when, where, why, and how to use the equipment to achieve the necessary level of protection. Also recognizing that our staff vary from those who are exposed to hazards on a regular basis as well as others who might be exposed on an occasional basis.


Centralize Storage and Distribution

Centralizing the storage and distribution of PPE not only secures the equipment in a sanitized and safe environment, but also avoids unwanted supply shortages as well since PPE will be distributed as necessary and not in bulk and stock levels will be reported on.

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