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The Signal with Adam Walsh Offers Six-Episode Series with CFY.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Over the last several months, Choices for Youth (CFY) has been apart of a six-episode series on CBC’s radio show - The Signal with Adam Walsh. The general theme if all the segments was to focus on innovative community-based solutions to complex issues, while making better use of the resources for more impactful outcomes. Each of these segments had various guest speakers, inclusive of CFY staff and youth participants, as well as provincial and national partners.

Learn more about each segment:

Segment #1 - Prevention & Early Intervention

Segment #2 - Integrated Youth Services in Newfoundland & Labrador

Segment #3 - Housing in St. John's & the Metro Area

Segment #4 - Housing in Rural & Remote Areas

Segment #5 - Social Enterprise (Part One): Education, Employment & Social Enterprise at CFY

Segment #6 - Social Enterprise - Part Two: Social Enterprise on a National Level

CFY would like to extent big thanks and appreciation to all special guests from each segment! Thank you, Adam Walsh for collaborating with us in offering dialogue for six essential topics - We hope to have an opportunity to be involved in future segments to continue important conversations!


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