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COVID-19 Update, January 4

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Based on the increase in COVID-19 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador and the province's return to Alert Level 4, Choices for Youth (CFY) has made adjustments to operations to follow all Public Health safety measures while also providing safe and reliable program delivery. As always, our focus remains on the safety and well-being of our staff and young people, and any adjustments to programs and services are made with a focus on minimizing risk at all times.

The following measures have been implemented as a part of alert level 4, in line with Public Health guidelines:


All programs at CFY are still operational, with potential capacity restrictions and/or safety measures put into place. Based on the change in Alert Levels, the following procedures apply:

  • Meals: Meals will be provided through the Outreach Centre on a takeaway basis only, 1pm-3pm, Monday to Friday

  • Group programming: As of January 4 and until further notice, all group-based activities are suspended and will shift to individual supports as necessary and/or online activities where possible.

  • Pre-screening to continue prior to individuals entering into buildings.


In-kind donations can be accepted with the following modified, contactless drop-off protocols:

  • On-site donations: If a member of the public arrives on-site to make a donation (either in-kind or monetary donation), we will protect staff and donors by:

    • Limiting contact: once the person arrives on-site, the in-kind donation can be left outside the door to limit contact.

    • If it’s an in-kind donation, a tax receipt can be mailed out with the receipt of purchase.

    • If it's a monetary donation, the Fund Development and Communications team will process a tax receipt and be in touch with the donor.

  • Please read the full update on our donation policies here.

  • As of January 4, all transportation of youth in personal vehicles is suspended, until further notice.

    • Taxi vouchers and bus passes will be provided as necessary.

    • Exception for youth trainees: Youth can be transported via CFY vehicles to job sites with proper safety protocols in place, including the wearing of masks. Vehicle occupancy should be kept low during transport.

    • Where an exception has been made:

      • Company vehicles and/or personal vehicles used to transport youth need to be sanitized:

        • At each shift change

        • At the end of each day

        • After transporting a young person

  • Individual visits will continue where physical distancing can be maintained.

  • Contact should be done in-person whenever possible, in adherence with physical distancing policies and youth visit schedules.

  • Pre-screening questions asked prior to staff interacting with youth in-person

  • Masks must stay on even when physical distancing can not be maintained.

  • Daily assessment of risks conducted.


Virtual and in-person healthcare will continue to be provided:

  • In-person care will proceed where youth do not have any symptoms/exposure related to COVID-19.

  • Members of the Downtown Healthcare Collaborative will screen youth who are accessing medical services on-site.

  • If a youth does have symptoms, they must have an initial consultation over the phone before availing of in-person care.

  • Physicians are on-site Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, 1:00pm-4:30pm and will continue scheduling separate hours with Momma Moments clients.

General Procedures
  • Non-medical face masks are still required at all Choices for Youth (CFY) sites and when working as follows:

    • At CFY sites in all common areas (washrooms, hallways, kitchen space, etc.) regardless of distancing.

    • In CFY offices when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

    • When in public spaces

    • When in a company vehicle and/or transporting staff/youth in a personal vehicle.

    • Face shields are optional, however use of a face shield does not replace use of non-medical face masks.

  • Continuation of increased safety protocols at all sites, including:

    • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting

    • Informational posters and reminders of diligent hygiene

    • Mandatory mask usage

    • Physical distancing measures

  • All site visitors with the exception of youth (e.g. staff, postal workers, cleaners, etc.) MUST present their NL VaxPass before entering one of CFY’s buildings (staff who have already presented their VaxPass to a member of the Human Resources team need not present it again).

  • All youth must be screened for symptoms and travel history using site intercoms prior to permitting entry to CFY sites.

    • If the person does not pass the screener, they are not permitted entry to a CFY site and will be supported to connect with Public Health.

  • Anyone using a company vehicle and/or transporting staff/youth in a personal vehicle must complete a screener prior to entering the vehicle.

  • Any person that does not pass the screener should not be permitted entry into the vehicle and should be supported to connect with Public Health.


CFY will continue to follow updates made available by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and encourage you all to stay informed and up-to-date with information by visiting the Gov NL COVID-19 site here.

Our agile response is made possible by the collective work of all staff members, and we will continue to review capacity across programs and respond as necessary to ensure that we are able to provide a consistent level of program and service delivery across the organization.

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