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Air Canada Foundation supports Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre with $10,000 Grant

The Air Canada Foundation has generously bestowed a $10,000 grant in support of Choices for Youth’s Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre’s (OYE) programs and services. These funds will allow OYE to continue its work confronting youth homelessness in Newfoundland and Labrador by meeting young people’s immediate needs, reducing their risk of harm, and providing them with emergency and transitional housing.

Youth homelessness is about more than simply a lack of available housing; larger factors are at play that keep young people homeless, such as limited income, intergenerational poverty, an inability to meet mental health needs, or a lack of employment and education. OYE’s work aims to address all of these needs by providing a variety of services under one roof that provide wrap-around supports to young people.

OYE incorporates mental health and clinical services and meets youth where they are, offering them a safe, judgement-free, low-barrier space to access services. For many young people, simply reducing the physical distance between service providers eliminates a significant barrier that would otherwise prevent them from accessing essential services. Because the OYE model keeps all of these services under one roof, it is much easier for staff and youth to build and maintain close relationships.

More than ever, programs and services like those provided by OYE are needed. Traditional systems are not equipped to manage the complex needs that young people have these days. Moreover, many young people are unable or unwilling to access traditional systems because of discrimination. Without the support from organizations like The Air Canada Foundation, OYE would be unable to offer these kinds of programs and vulnerable youth would have nowhere to turn when in need.

Choices for Youth sends our heartfelt thanks to The Air Canada Foundation for funding programs and services that are making a real impact in the lives of young people in NL. Our team at Choices for Youth is grateful for the support from The Air Canada Foundation and looks forward to continuing our work of empowering and creating better futures for young people.

Written by Chris Morris

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