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Say Yes to Making Spirits Bright

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Too often, young people hear “no” before coming to Choices for Youth. They hear no to support, no to a helping hand, no to a job, and no to a safe place to call home. At Choices for Youth, we are here to Say Yes: yes to serving warm meals and offering a listening ear, yes to helping youth find a job, and yes to assisting young people to build healthier futures.

Young people can access support with Choices for Youth at any time. We are always here to say yes and to help youth get to where they want to be. Now we need your help. Say Yes to youth in need this holiday season and to the work we do with young people every single day. In the past year, Choices for Youth:

  • Served over 16,500 meals

  • Housed over 45 youth in supportive housing

  • Created over 20,000 hours of youth employment

  • Welcomed over 2,700 nights stayed in our emergency shelter 

  • Worked with over 1,200 individual young people

Operating 10 programs across 3 locations in the St. John’s metro region, we’ve seen the number of young people in need of our support grow year after year. Generosity from people like you have helped us grow our services and continue to provide young people the help they need. Any gift amount will help, and every dollar is a step towards prevention, intervention, and support for some of the most vulnerable youth in our community.

When you give to our Making Spirits Bright campaign, you are directly supporting a local organization with local impact. Your dollars will support the teenager who needs help reconnecting with family, the young woman eager to find a job to support her children, the young man who is struggling with mental health, and the young person who just wants to find a safe place to call home.

You can make a difference right now. Visit or mail us your tax-deductible donation and Say Yes to Making Spirits Bright for a young person in need this holiday season.

Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director


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