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Stop By CFY At The Pedestrian Mall!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Highlighting Our Programs and Services

The St. John's Pedestrian Mall has expanded to Duckworth Street for the 2021 Summer season, and Choices for Youth (CFY) has teamed up with our social enterprise, Impact Construction, to create four signs highlighting our services and programs.

Follow the path a young person might take at Choices for Youth

Follow the Path

For every young person that accesses our services, not one path is the same. Our approach is to ensure that we have programs and services available to support a young person's goals - like continuing their education, finding a meaningful job, or accessing stable housing in our community. Follow a young person's path and scan the QR code that is located on each sign to learn more about what programs are available at CFY.

Impact Construction, a social enterprise, installing the signs

Each sign highlights our four main pillars of success: Health and Outreach, Family, Education and Employment, and Housing. These pillars of success outline the need for support that many young people in Newfoundland and Labrador are currently experiencing. Together, these four program areas form the building blocks that young people will use to move toward the future they envision for themselves.

Learn more about each CFY program by scanning the QR code found on each sign

Learn More

Watch the short video below to learn how Impact Construction got CFY ready for the pedestrian mall.

We encourage you to drop by during your visit to the pedestrian mall, and learn more about our on-going work to support young people by scanning the QR codes on each sign.

Visit Choices for Youth to find additional resources, volunteer opportunities or to donate today.


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