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For over 30 years, Choices for Youth has been

changing the lives of young people in our community.


we believe everyone has potential

Choices for Youth is committed to building programs, systems, and opportunities that are focused on providing individualized support for young people, celebrating who they are, and working together to unlock their potential to build a brighter future.

Childhood trauma, mental illness, addictions, incarceration, family breakdown, poverty, violence, abuse, and exploitation are the tragic set of common experiences of the over 1500 young people we work with every year.

For these youth, the average age of their first

experience with homelessness is just 16.


“I'm becoming more mindful

… I come at things with a different attitude than I used to. I'm trying to help others and help myself.”



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Join our community of donors and help us to support over 1,500 young people each year.

we help youth and young families ages 16-29 secure stable housing and employment, while working towards family stability,
and better health.
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Employment - Parchment - Compressed.png


Family - Parchment - Compressed.png


Health - Parchment - Compressed.png


Together, these four program areas form the building blocks that young people will use to move toward the future they envision for themselves.

Use the buttons above to explore these four areas in more detail.


Strengthening families and connecting them with the support they need to create healthy homes and a stable future for their kids is vital to building thriving communities.


Our Momma Moments program and Family and Natural Supports team help to strengthen family relationships and empower youth and young parents alike within a safe, supportive environment. By keeping young people connected to family, and children to young parents, we can create positive outcomes for all family members.


Meaningful employment is a key part of helping young people succeed and build independence. Whether they want to work at a CFY social enterprise or within the private job market, we give them the support, resources, and training they need to meet their goals.


We operate the Education, Employment and Social Enterprise (EESE) department, in addition to a number of diverse social enterprises, to give young people plenty of opportunities to build new skills and find an education and employment options that work for them.


The Outreach and Youth Engagement Centre is the front door of CFY. It is a place where young people can have a hot meal, feel safe, and build trusting relationships. Outreach offers a broad array of programs and services, and it is here that youth can access many of our mental and physical health supports.


Giving young people the opportunity to engage with service providers they trust, in a safe, stigma-free setting, and at a pace they are comfortable with, is critical to helping them take positive steps toward their personal goals.


Choice for Youth focuses first and foremost on finding stable housing for youth, as a critical step to reduce crises and as an important springboard for accessing additional supports.


We operate a range of housing options with varying levels of support to reflect the unique needs of individuals and to better meet the needs of each young person we meet.


Housing options include: The Choices Shelter, The Lilly, and RallyForward.

At Choices for Youth we see the potential for growth and independence in every young person we serve. We fundamentally believe that with stable housing and an individualized set of supports, every young person we work with we work with can reach their potential.


Our approach encompasses five key pillars:

Harm Reduction - Salmon - Compressed.png

Harm Reduction

Housing First - Salmon - Compressed.png

Housing First for Youth

Trauma Informed - Salmon -

Trauma-Informed &

Recovery-Oriented Practice

Youth Empowerment - Salmon - Compressed.

Youth Empowerment

Community Partnerships - Salmon - Compre

Community Partnerships


“The people I have around me are so supportive ... with a supportive group around you ... it doesn't matter how bad it gets you can come out of it.”


You have a role to play

Together, we can end youth homelessness.

The first step to change comes with understanding the causes, challenges, and strategies around youth homelessness.

Make a donation today to support vulnerable youth and emerging adults in our community.

When you shop at one of our social enterprises, you are creating real jobs for youth and helping them move forward.

Whether it's hosting a fundraiser or volunteering at an event, see how you can get involved to make a difference today.

Choices for Youth is proudly supported by a number of community partners:

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