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The 4 Updates you Don’t Want to Miss from Choices for Youth

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

As of April 1st, 2021 we entered a new fiscal year at Choices for Youth (it’s like our version of New Year’s Day), and with that comes new plans, updates and continuing our work to support youth facing social injustices throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

A photo with youth in the background with text reading 'What's New Organization Updates'.

We all know that 2020 affected us in many ways and we are now understanding the infamous phrase, ‘new normal’. What does life look like moving forward? And, how do our plans at Choices for Youth(CFY) fit into that ‘new normal’? As our community begins to ease pandemic restrictions and CFY starts to shift back to regularly scheduled programs and services, we are happy to share some updates about what we've been quietly working on across the organization over the last few months! COVID – 19 and Choices for Youth

As Newfoundland and Labrador continues to ease restrictions related to COVID -19, CFY is responding with a phased approach to relaxing measures across sites and programs. CFY is continuing to progress through the different internal phases using a two-week lag in comparison to when the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador reduces alert levels, and an immediate adjustment if alert levels are increased. Throughout the pandemic, our focus remains on the safety and well-being of our staff and young people, and any adjustments to programs and services are made with a focus on minimizing risk at all times. CFY is currently operating under the internal Phase D, and we will be providing a full COVID – 19 update later this week. Homelessness Prevention through Employment Social Enterprise– A Panel Discussion

A yellow photo banner depicting four panelists participating in the webinar by A Way Home Canada on Tuesday April 20, 2021 11:00 AM EST or 12:30 NST an hour and thirty minutes in length.

On April 20th, at 11:00 am EST/ 12:30 pm NST, join CFY's very own Chelsey MacNeil and other experts in a panel discussion on Homelessness Prevention through Employment Social Enterprise. Learn about pathways for effective youth employment, and why it's an effective long-term solution for preventing homelessness in Canada. Discover new ways to support youth across the country and encourage their own version of a 'new normal'.

MODERATOR: David French || Managing Director, A Way Home Canada


  • Emmy Kelly || Chief Operating Officer, Blue Door

  • Marc Soberano || Executive Director, Building Up

  • Chelsey MacNeil || Director of Education, Employment, and Social Enterprise, Choices for Youth

Dining Club NL – Winners Every Month!

A blue photo with geometric shapes forming the shape of a heart with the Dining Club NL logo in the center of the heart, with the Choices for Youth logo in the bottom right corner.

We are still holding our monthly draws for St. John’s tastiest ticket lottery! Our annual event sold out of tickets for the opportunity to win some of the best eats in town, and we’re holding draws at the end of every month!

Didn’t get your ticket drawn? No worries! If you purchased a ticket, you’re automatically entered at a chance to win every month! So, keep your eyes on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for monthly updates on who the lucky winners will be! We have six months of ticket draws left! Missed the chance of purchasing a ticket? You heard it here first, we’re coming back in September 2021 to give you the opportunity to win again (and discover amazing local fare)!

New Team Members

And of course, we had to save the best update for last.

We’ve welcomed a number of wonderful people to our team in various positions, across many CFY sites and programs! The new members of our team offer extensive expertise in their respected fields, and most importantly, the passion and dedication to further fill the gaps in supporting youth and young families in our community. Are you interested in working with CFY? Be sure to check back on our CFY website for updates on current job opportunities.


We will be rolling out more updates, events and projects, in the coming months - we can't wait to share how CFY is working better support young people in St. John's and beyond.

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