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Casey has been involved in the RallyForward program since October 2018, and is open about how the program and its staff have helped her overcome many challenges.

“I learned way too early that life can be cruel and hard if we make the wrong choices."

Before joining the program, Casey wasn’t living at home and was facing some of life’s toughest challenges. Though her family was supporting her efforts to become more stable, Casey knew that the best thing for her was to explore other housing options to help foster healthy relationships and her own independence.


Individualized support and safe housing offered through RallyForward have played a key role in helping Casey to move forward in a positive, constructive way. Although she faced some large barriers before joining RallyForward, Casey now approaches life with a newfound sense of accountability and optimism. "I'm glad the journey led me here."

With the support of RallyForward and her mom, Casey has worked hard on setting and achieving many goals over the last eight months. She’s recently graduated from high school, and just like any other teenager she has her sights set on getting her driver’s permit and a part-time job for the summer -- hopefully at the mall.


In the meantime, Casey has plenty to look forward to, including starting post-secondary school in the fall. She is humble but ambitious, and knows that there are brighter days ahead for her. “[Life] isn’t hard anymore… it’s a very safe feeling.”


When you support Choices for Youth, you are helping young people like Casey to access opportunities, find support, and become empowered.

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