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social enterprise

Creating opportunities for youth.

Whether young people are completing energy-retrofits with Impact Construction, manufacturing Project Sucseed units at The Shop, or selling gently used clothing at Neighbourhood, they are each developing employable and transferable skills in a supportive workplace. 

Over the past year, our social enterprises:










These opportunities help at-risk youth and emerging adults take steps towards ending their need for income support. Having a job builds confidence, promotes housing stability, and helps them find independence while building new skills. By choosing to hire or buy from one of our social enterprises, you are directly investing in the successes and development of young people in our community.

Our work in this space extends beyond being practitioners and into building a vibrant network of experts in social innovation, labour market attachment, community development, and business success. 

At Choices for Youth, we are harnessing this work to drive economic development and improve social outcomes for youth across the province. Learn more by reading our recent report, Untapped Potential, on social enterprise and social procurement, or by contacting:

Mari-Lynn Taylor 

Manager of Social Enterprise

CFY social enterprises span multiple sectors and industries. Whether you are looking to hire a contractor for a construction job, wanting to donate your gently used clothing, or need a crew to manufacture your product - there is a CFY social enterprise that can help. 

Impact - No Background - Compressed.png

Impact Construction is a CORTM certified social enterprise with expertise in energy retrofits, property maintenance, remediation, demolition, and renovations for residential and commercial properties. 

Hiring Impact Construction not only means a project done right, done on time, and on budget - it also means changing lives.

Neighbourhood is a CFY retail social enterprise, which sells gently used clothing for children, youth, and adults. From sorting donations and managing inventory, to customer service and merchandising - every purchase you make is an investment in youth employment, and directly supports the at-risk and homeless youth. In addition to supporting youth working at Neighbourhood, you are supporting the range of services and programs offered by Choices for Youth. 

Shop, save, and give at Neighbourhood!

Neighbourhood - No Background - Compress
The Shop - No Background -

The Shop  specializes in textiles, wood products, and fulfillment for like-minded businesses. The products are hand-made by youth in St. John's, NL and feature the finest fabrics, reclaimed wood, and upcycled denim. The Shop is also a space for CFY to troubleshoot ideas, create prototypes, and incubate new social enterprise ideas before bringing them to market.

Looking for a local fulfillment agency to help get more of your products to market? Contact:

Mari-Lynn Taylor

Manager of Social Enterprise

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