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In Profile: Chris Peddigrew

Welcoming Chris Peddigrew, a Choices for Youth board member

Choices for Youth (CFY) is pleased to introduce Chris Peddigrew (he/him) as a member on our Board of Directors! Chris has been a private practice lawyer for the past 16 years, and is currently with the law firm “Wadden Peddigrew”. Chris maintains a general legal practice, but is also an active labour arbitrator and mediator. Chris is a Vice-Chairperson of the NL Labour Relations Board. Outside his professional life, Chris is an active volunteer. Chris has been on the Board of Choices for Youth since 2015 and is also the Chair of the Board of the St. Patrick’s Mercy Home Foundation. Chris has also been a volunteer therapy dog handler with St. John Ambulance.

Getting to Know Chris

Our team was able to connect with Chris to learn what motivated him to join the CFY Board of Directors, and how he hopes to be a part of positive change in our community:

1. What makes our organization’s mission powerful to you?

I feel fortunate to be involved with an organization that is focused on prevention, intervention, and support in order to help youth and their families break cycles of poverty and homelessness and transition to healthy, stable, and independent lives.

2. What interests you most about Choices for Youth?

The opportunity to help improve the lives of vulnerable members of our community.

3. How do you think the board’s expectation matches with your expectations for yourself?

I feel the culture of the Board of Directors is one that places value on input and collaboration from all directors. There is recognition around the table that each director brings a unique background and skillset. We listen and value each other's opinions, which leads to sound decision making and leadership.

4. What does "success" mean to you in terms of your work as a board member?

Success to me means the organization making a meaningful impact to improve the lives of youth in our community.

5. What would you like to accomplish in the next 12 months as a board member of our organization?

Provincial expansion - helping organizations in other parts of the province offer services and supports that are not currently available to youth in those areas.

Our Cultural Commitments

Our board members reflect the many faces, cultures, identities, abilities, and walks of life that make up our province, and Choices for Youth is thrilled to have Chris contribute to this by sharing his expertise, knowledge and dedication across our organization. We look forward to the work that Chris will contribute to our network of sites and programs as a board member. Welcome to the team, Chris!

Learn more about the Choices for Youth leadership team by visiting us here, and learn about their commitment to our core values and cultural commitment here.


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