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In Profile: Geoff Davis

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Welcoming Geoff Davis, the Choices for Youth Board Chair

Geoff Davis has extensive executive experience in technology, business development and enterprise sales and has worked in the telecom, information technology, digital and professional consulting industries. His experience, servicing both the public and private sectors, includes roles at Bell Aliant as Regional Vice President - Sales, and as a Consulting Partner with Deloitte. Geoff is currently an independent consultant and director. He’s most recently been working with Higher Talent, an executive search and HR advisory firm, and Mobia, a technology innovation company.

Geoff was recently appointed as Chair of the Choices for Youth board. He is also a Director and Chair of the Governance and HR Committee at Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation as well as serving on the advisory board of Vigilant Management. Past board roles include Director of TechNL, Chair of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation, and a member of the local chapter of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). Geoff is a graduate of Memorial University, the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and holds the ICD.D designation.

Getting to Know Geoff

1. What makes Choices For Youth's mission powerful to you?

Innovative approaches to homelessness and other issues, the positive impact it has on its clients every day, and the dedication and expertise of CFY's staff.

2. What interests you most about Choices For Youth?

The complexity of the environment that CFY's programs span and how well the organization executes, as well as excellent relationships with all stakeholders.

3. How do you think the purpose of the Board of Directors matches with your personal or professional values?

Very well. All the CFY Board Directors are dedicated, engaged and care deeply about the disadvantaged youth that CFY serves. CFY’s employees are highly skilled and experienced and focused on the organization’s mission. It's a pleasure to work with the other Directors and very gratifying to serve on the CFY Board.

4. What does "success" mean to you in terms of your work as a Board Member?

Contributing to meeting the objectives of the organization; CFY is a complex environment with multiple programs spread across several locations and with an expanding geography. Managing all that while successfully executing their programs, with the positive impact it has on clients, is a great outcome.

5. What piece of work or goal at Choices for Youth most excites you as you look to the future of our organization?

Social Enterprises: all CFY's programs are impactful and important but the ones that can employ clients, help them complete their education, teach them new skills, generate revenues, and provide a needed service are very exciting.

Our Cultural Commitments

Our board members reflect the many faces, cultures, identities, abilities, and walks of life that make up our province, and Choices for Youth is thrilled to have Geoff contribute to this by sharing his expertise, knowledge, and dedication across our organization. We look forward to the work that Geoff will contribute to our network of sites and programs as Chair.

Welcome to your new role, Geoff!

Learn more about the Choices for Youth leadership team by visiting us here, and learn about their commitment to our core values and cultural commitment here.


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