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Charlie grew up in a rural NL community and found himself facing tough situations and limited options. Knowing that he couldn't return to his family home after seeking some treatment, he connected with CFY. After a short stay at the Shelter he joined the RallyForward program.


"The people I have around me are so supportive ... they're my second family. they've helped me so much. with a supportive group around you ... it doesn't matter how bad it gets, you can come out of it."

With the ongoing support of Outreach and RallyForward program staff, Charlie has reached some important milestones, including getting his driver's license. He's focused on taking care of himself mentally and physically, and has been working on rebuilding parts of his life that had broken down.

"I take care of myself, work out often, eat well every day. You have to put in what you want to get out of it. That's why I'm doing so well. I'm doing it for me."

When you support Choices for Youth, you are helping young people like Charlie to access opportunities, find support, and become empowered.

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