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When you talk to Otto about his life a year ago - before getting involved with Project Sucseed - and how it has changed since, the difference is stark. Before Sucseed, Otto was drifting day-by-day; both motivation and thoughts about the future were hard to come by. Sucseed allowed Otto to put things in sharper focus.

"It definitely changed my life in a lot of aspects. I'm more motivated to get up in the morning and be a part of something."

Otto now enjoys the routine of going to work each day, and the atmosphere of being in the shop. The support staff at CFY have connected him to an in-house General Education Development program, and in addition to the workplace experience and training courses, Otto appreciates the unique opportunity to be a part of something bigger, through the production of hydroponic units.

"It's really cool to be a part of something that started off as just another idea and evolved in to this international business where we are making units and it opens your eyes to the fact that you are helping people all over, people in less fortunate places where they don't have access to fresh produce. It's crazy to think that we are just sitting in this little workshop but we are helping so many others across Canada and other places."

Otto is optimistic about what lies ahead. Now sober and thinking about long-term financial security, he has a newfound optimism and motivation.

“before i got involved i wasn't thinking about long-term goals ... sucseed has opened my eyes to what the future might hold. i can do whatever i want with my life."

When you support Choices for Youth, you are helping young people like Otto to access opportunities, find support, and become empowered.

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