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CFY Media Hits

February 2024

“Coldest Night of the Year”

February 12, 2024  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio) 

"Choices for Youth Touts Benefits of New Innovation Hub"

February 12, 2024  | VOCM

"Choices For Youth to open new social enterprise hub"

February 09, 2024  | NTV

"New look for a new century: Choices for Youth breathes new life into 1920s St. John's building"

February 09, 2024  | CBC Web

CBC Here & Now Covers Infrastructure Announcement for Choices for Youth's new Youth Social Enterprise & Innovation Hub

February 09, 2024  | CBC Here & Now (Timestamp 21:10)


November 2023

CBC Here & Now Covers Provincial Government Announces a New Poverty Reduction Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador

November 08, 2023  | CBC Here & Now (Timestamp 45:15)

"Local Physician Advocating for Free Naloxone Kits at Pharmacies"

November 08, 2023  | VOCM


"Coalition speaks out about need for more harm reduction"

November 07, 2023  | NTV


"'People are going to die out here': First snow sounds alarm on N.L. housing crisis"

November 03, 2023  | SaltWire

October 2023

"Choices for Youth: Demand for Housing and Wrap Around Supports Greater Than Ever"

October 26, 2023  | VOCM


"Government tackling social determinants of health"

October 25, 2023  |  NTV

September 2023

"Despite Additional Housing Projects, Critical Need for Emergency Shelter and Affordable Housing Remains"

September 30, 2023  | VOCM

"Housing minister says N.L. government doing its best to keep up with demand"

September 29, 2023  | CBC Web

CBC Here & Now Covers Funding Announcement Friday at St. John's City Hall

September 29, 2023  | CBC Here & Now (Timestamp 7:12)

"Province announced changes to income support system"

September 21, 2023  |  NTV


CBC Here & Now Covers Employment Stability Pilot Expansion Announcement

September 21, 2023  | CBC Here & Now (Timestamp 6:56)

"N.L. boosting payments and expanding program for people on income support entering or returning to workforce"

September 21, 2023  | CBC Web


"Province Expands Employment Stability Pilot Program'"

September 21, 2023  | VOCM


"Province announces first 'Well-Being Week'"

September 06, 2023  | Saltwire


August 2023

"OPINION: A look at the progress and the work ahead in building an effective mental health and addictions system in N.L."

August 30, 2023  | Saltwire


"Abandoned gas station in St. John’s gets pumped up with a new purpose"

August 29, 2023  | Daily Commercial News

"Choices for Youth Redeveloping Old Gruchy’s Garage Building in St. John’s"

August 22, 2023  |  VOCM

"Calls for government to take action to curb youth involved in serious crimes"

August 13, 2023  |  NTV

Sheldon Pollett, Executive Director of CFY joins Paddy Daley to provide insight and clarification in response to a concerned neighbour of a young person connected with CFY programming. Sheldon Pollett also shares information about CFY's vision for its new social enterprise hub. 

August 10, 2023  |  VOCM (Open Line) 

“What is social innovation and how might it help communities”

August 09, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio) 

“Choices for Youth has big plans for century-old building in St. John's”

August 08, 2023  |  CBC Web 

"Choices for Youth opening new locations of popular social enterprises Neighbourhood and Crust Craft Bakery as part of social enterprise hub" 

August 04, 2023  |   SaltWire 

July 2023

“Community groups and business owners are worried about downtown St. John's violence, but police say incidents aren't being reported” 

July 21, 2023  |  SaltWire 

JuNE 2023

“Live on location at Crust Craft Bakery and Pizzeria in St. John’s” 

June 02, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio) 


MAY 2023

“Choices for Youth, Impact Construction to Offer Skilled Trades Program" 

May 18, 2023  |  VOCM 

“Mothers needing more help as cost of living rises" 

May 14, 2023  |  NTV

APRIL 2023

“What are solutions to housing and homelessness issues in rural N.L.?” 

April 14, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio)


“How do we stop surging homelessness in St. John's?” 

April 06, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio)

March 2023

“How to help youth with mental health and addictions” 

March 30, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio)


“What impact can social innovation have on our communities” 

March 24, 2023  |  The Signal with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio)

February 2023

“Choices for Youth Surpasses Coldest Night of the Year Fundraising Goal” 

February 27, 2023  |  VOCM

“'Think about how cold you are': St. John's fundraiser has donors walk in the shoes of homeless youth” 

February 26, 2023  |  CBC Web

January 2023

“Launch of new income support program 'a long time coming,' says advocate” 

January 19, 2023  |  CBC Web

“Province Launches New Employment Support Pilot Program with Choices for Youth, Stella’s Circle” 

January 18, 2023  |  VOCM



"New youth innovation hub coming to St. John's"

February 09, 2024  |  by Government of Canada (Infrastructure Canada) 

"NL Harm Reduction Summit hosted in response to 23 substance use-related deaths"

November 07, 2023  |  by Choices for Youth

"Choices for Youth Hosting Federation of Integrated Youth Services Annual Convening in St. John’s"

October 26, 2023  |  by Choices for Youth

"Canada announces rapid housing funding for St. John’s"

September 29, 2023  |  by Government of Canada (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation) 

"Canada Announces Rapid Housing Funding for St. John’s"

September 29, 2023  |  by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Children, Seniors and Social Development) 

"Provincial Government Expands the Employment Stability Pilot"

September 21, 2023  |  by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Children, Seniors and Social Development) 

"Premier Furey Announces the Launch of Well-Being Week 2023"

September 06, 2023  |  by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Executive Council) 

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"Western NL Food Hub’s Grand Opening Celebrates Local Food"

August 31, 2023  |  by Food First NL 

"Youth With Lived Experience Launch Provincial-Wide Youth Food Survey"

June 15, 2023  |  by Choices for Youth 

"Choices for Youth Hosting Event on Integrated Youth Services in Newfoundland & Labrador"

April 27, 2023  |  by Choices for Youth 

"Coldest Night of the Year 2023 by Choices for Youth"  

February 24, 2023  |  by Choices for Youth

"New Employment Support Stability Pilot Project Officially Launched"

January 18, 2023  |  by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Children, Seniors and Social Development)


Relevant News


"Food First N.L. reopens food network to fight regional food insecurity" 

September 01, 2023  |   CBC

"Western NL Food Hub Grand Opening on Wednesday" 

August 29, 2023  |   VOCM

"This N.L. man spent 20 years addicted to opiates — and says forced treatment laws would have killed him" 

August 24, 2023  |   CBC

"Atlantic Social Impact Exchange Summit to be held in St. John’s in September" 

August 17, 2023  |   NTV 

"NDP calling on government to do more to reduce harm from drug addiction" 

August 07, 2023  |   VOCM

"St. John’s Mayor Says Safe Injection Site Must Be Headed By Province" 

August 01, 2023  |   VOCM

"'Get it together,' says advocate after 2 more die to suspected drug overdose" 

July 31, 2023  |   CBC Web

"Opposition says opioid crisis needs a multi-faceted response from government" 

July 31, 2023  |   NTV

"Western NL Food Hub Launches Online Store" 

July 31, 2023  |   VOCM

"Housing advocates in N.L. calling for rent control after report highlights struggle for low earners" 

July 20, 2023  |   CBC Web

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